Murray Care Care Center offers a variety of services.

Air Conditioning

As cold as Utah winters are, the summer is just as hot. Make sure to get your air conditioner serviced before the hot season-it happens fast here!


There's never a good time to have a dead battery. Get your battery checked and replaced when needed to avoid being stranded and out of luck.


Stop in and get your brakes looked at, serviced or replaced. We love puns but don't like unsafe brakes. Drive with confidence, stop on a dime.


Our certified mechanics can help to locate problems as well as techniques to keep your car running at it's best. Save money with great maintenance.


Your car's electrical is the nervous system that keeps the rest of your car communicating Our technicians pay attention your vehicles every connection.

Fuel Systems

To optimize your vehicles performance and keep daily driving costs in check, we focus on keeping your fuel system clean and efficient.


Utah winters can be tough. Keep warm and stay safe with a heating check or service.

Road Trip Check

Headed out of town? Get a road trip check to ensure all of your fluids, systems and other critical systems are operating well. Just $25.

Safety & Emissions Testing

We will get you in, out and on your way with all you need for your safety and emissions testing. Convenient location to serve you best.

Steering & Suspension

If even one wheel is slightly off, you might feel like your vehicle is pulling to one side. Proper alignment can keep this from happening.

Timing Belts

Timing is important when it comes to your cars engine. Avoid hefty damage and costs with our timing belt services.

Tune-up & Ignition

With today's computer-controlled system, a tune-up means running a comprehensive performance analysis on your engine and replacing and servicing the parts of your car that are most likely to experience wear.


Did a pothole or nail damage your tires? Or just need tire rotation? Don't forget to regularly service your tires to keep them in tiptop shape.

Used Car Analysis

Buying a used car? A used car analysis can catch problems early on before they become a pricey hassle. Don't let your used car become a money pit.